new music: Mariya May; Wendy Bevan

Mariya May, “Out Walking”

smoky, soulful song with bluesy world beats and eclectic instrumentation. Very cool folk pop. The new album Call Me Back if You Can Dig the Music [TEN DOLLAR RECORDING CO.] will be out May 17, 2016. The Portland singer/songwriter plays flute, and piano and her husband, Ryan Michael Block, plays guitar, bass, and percussion.


Wendy Bivan, “Sweet Dedication”

Layered dark, deep beats and strong vocals fuel this gorgeous song from British musician and visual/performing artist Wendy Bevan. There’s definitely gothic appeal and theatrical elements.This single is from her upcoming EP, Sweet Dedication [KWAIDAN RECORDS / !K7 RECORDS] out May 20, 2016. Her debut full-length album will be released in the fall.

Bevan said: “Sweet Dedication is a confessional song I wrote after reading the ‘Book of Lies’ by Aleister Crowley. Seeped within my own broken, psychic odysseys and hallucinations, a theatrical landscape of shattered dreams; the song mimics the notion of madness, guilt and compulsion. Faith, Hope and Joy are a devotional representation of Babalon; all one physical manifestation of the same feminine principle. These Scarlet Women, live within all of us and metaphorically represent the female sexual impulse.”



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