new music: My Gold Mask; The Philistines

My Gold Mask, “Connect”

If you like Dum Dum Girls, Metric and Chvrches, then you’ll definitely like electro-pop trio My Gold Mask. Dance-y beats with introspective lyrics. This black and white video suits this song about finding one’s place [“sometimes I wish I could disappear”] when one battles anxiety or anything that makes it complicated and challenging. More often than not every one of us feels that we just don’t fit. My Gold Mask masters that upbeat/downbeat thing perfectly. A brew of sounds, a tempest of emotions. pure and true. The Chicago-based band’s album Anxious Utopia [Moon Sound Records] is out now. Also interview from three years ago.

My Gold Mask:
Gretta Rochelle (Vocals, Percussion)
Jack Armondo (Guitar, Vocals)
James Andrew (drums)


The Philistines, “A Twitch of the Death Nerve”

Superb band name. superb song name. Definition according to Webster’s II: Phil-is-tine n. 2. A smug, materialistic person, esp. one who is indifferent to artistic, cultural, or intellectual values. Every artist’s nightmare. Those people that say they aren’t “into music” or that they “don’t read.” Come on! How is that even possible? Now the title. Being the weirdo over-educated, under-employed woman that I am, Already have bachelor’s in English/ Political Science and master’s in Journalism and then attended several semesters of nursing school and earned an associate’s in Medical Assisting. So according to Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary a nerve is: “A fiber made of linked neurons that transmit electrical and chemical signals between the central nervous system and body tissues.” If there were such as a thing as a death nerve, you can imagine how unsettling and painful a twitch of it could be.  This song is impressively guitar-heavy, layered, lush and psychedelic. The chorus: “How does it feel. How does it feel. Baby do you or don’t you?” is totally grooving. The six-band band from Kansas City blends old-school melodies with new-fangled arrangements making its sound super fresh.  The Philistines album The Backbone of Night [The Record Machine] will be released on May 27th, 2016.

The Philistines: Kimmie Queen (vocals); Cody Wyoming (guitar/vocals); Michelle Bacon (bass/vocals); Steve Gardels (drums); Rod Peal (guitar); Josh Mobley (keys)

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