new music: Boudoir Noir; Esquela; Slow Coyote

Boudoir Noir, “Endless Dawn”

–dark cabaret-style which combines electronica, a bit of hip-hop/ world music beats, lush compositions and varied instrumentation. become engulfed in the haunting aspect of this single. nearly anything dark as long as it’s not metal, I’ll probably be into it. based in Flint, Michigan, Boudoir Noir is: Maria Fournier- vocals, guitar, production Beni Schlatter- drums, production Graham Rockwood- bass. Fournier’s impressive range complements the intriguing arrangements. Boudoir Noir’s Endless Dawn EP– which I’ve listened to many times over– comes out June 3. These are talented musicians. All three members of Boudoir Noir have formally studied music formally–Maria Fournier at Berklee College of Music, Graham Rockwood at Eastern Michigan and Beni Schlatter at U of Michigan– Flint. Boudoir Noir is a band to watch for 2016.

Esquela, “Gold Digger”

— rootsy, funky with twangy, rousing rhythms and grooving melodies. There’s a jovial vibe that must translate to a fun show. I’d definitely see Esquela live with beer in hand. From the band’s third album third release Canis Majoris. Esquela is: John “Chico” Finn [bass/vocals]; Becca Frame [vocals]; Brian Shafer: [guitar]; Todd Russell [drums/vocals]; Matt Woodin [guitar].


Slow Coyote, “American Cream”

–subdued, stripped down folk/acoustic with a longing and aching I find appealing. Portsmouth, NH’s Slow Coyote –aka Lucas Perry– notes that he’s played over 100 shows. He also performs spoken word poetry at his gigs. This single is off his new album, End of the Highway.

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