new music video: My Gold Mask

My Gold Mask, “Dissipate”

The fantastic elecro-pop trio My Gold Mask will release a new album with the fantastic title Anxious Utopia [Moon Sounds Records] on March 4th, 2016 in this new video, while vocalist/drummer Gretta Rochelle defiantly sings about broken promises and ruined romance, bright paints splash the band members and colorful visuals immerse each frame. the brilliance of the Chicago band’s music is its creative arrangements with edgier lyrics. way to flip the mood. you can angry dance.

My Gold Mask [read my 2013 interview with the band here] slowed a bit when Rochelle went through a reoccurrence of disabling panic attacks. Rochelle explains: “I’ve been dealing with my panic disorder since I was a little girl and have only recently really felt like I’ve gotten a handle on it. Making music has always been a cathartic way for me to work things out.” The band began releasing a series of digital singles. Armondo on the process: “The singles gave us a way to keep up momentum while allowing Gretta and the band the time we needed to sort out some personal stuff.”




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