new music: TRAEDONYA! featuring Irish Soulflower: The Besnard Lakes; Moke Hill

TRAEDONYA! featuring Irish Soulflower, “Simply Beautiful UR”

–what a beautiful heartfelt jazzy, soulful song with Irish Soulflower speaking some truths. The sexy gentle beats and rich vocals make this a winner with its subdued melody and positive message. Traedonya is from New York.

The Besnard Lakes, “The Plain Moon”

–soothing, melodic, dreamy with 70s harmonies and vibe. psychedelic, progressive pop, blurred atmospheric lyrics. I adore this! Male and female band members allow for diversity in sound and attitude. The Besnard Lakes is: Jace Lasek, Olga Goreas, Kevin Laing, Richard White, Robbie MacArthur and Sheenah Ko. The band’s new album, A Coliseum Complex Museum, is due out January 22nd on Jagjaguwar.

Moke Hill, “Doing It Wrong”

–thoughtful lyrics and soothing, melancholy melodies that reach in, snatch my soul and wring it out. vocals give me a Jackson Browne-vibe. Moke Hill is the result of between Ben Berry and Drew Phillips, who met in grade-school in Detroit. Once Berry was in Chicago and Phillips was on the West Coast the two began writing music through a long-distance internet collaboration. amazing what can be accomplished through technology and wi-fi today. Moke Hill’s debut LP Time Stops Moving out now.

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