new music: Lizzo, Daniel Amedee; Daniel Martin Moore

Lizzo, “My Skin”

“I woke up in this/ you can’t take it from me/ brown skin.” Reminiscent of India Arie’s gorgeous song “Brown Skin.” This is Lizzo’s global call for body acceptance, for racial acceptance, to embrace your body and your individual beauty. An empowering message and a strong beautiful song and video. She defiantly raps then sings in melodic splendor. It’s an anthemic ballad. The video fortifies Lizzo’s message.

Daniel Amedee, “Everything Will Change”

a bluesy, dreamy and bit wistful folk song from the New Orleans singer/songwriter. There’s beautiful sentiment in the song’s lyrics– “when you see love instead of hate and when you see freedom instead of fear.” It’s the title track off his upcoming Everything Will Change EP due out in February 2016.


Daniel Martin Moore, “It’s Christmas”

If you’re into low-key and alternative holiday tunes [I’d way rather hear The Waitresses 10x than Silent Night], you’ll like this sentimental, subdued song from Kentucky-based singer/songwriter Daniel Martin Moore. Mellow, pretty and honest gem.

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