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<em> Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming Your Life</em> By Michael Strahan and Veronica Chambers. Atria / 37 INK| October 13, 2015| 208 pages |$26.99| ISBN: 978-1-47677-5685

Rating: ***/5*

If someone would bottle Michael Strahan’s happiness and optimism, I would wear it daily. Strahan writes: “The quest for happiness is an ongoing pursuit; maybe the most important test of our lives. Because at the end of your life, if your stack of happy days is bigger than your stack of miserable days, then yours was a life well lived. It’s that simple.” This is a super easy read where Strahan got to where he is today—his football and broadcasting careers; as well as his approach to life’s challenges.

I didn’t know he’d been married twice– the first time at a young age to his pregnant high school girlfriend. He’s a Coldplay fan. He didn’t play football until his senior year of college in Texas but became good enough for a college to recruit him and then get drafted by the New York Giants where he became a star, recently being elected into the Football Hall of Fame. He writes: “Too many of us count ourselves out before we even get a chance. We can be our own worst enemies. Do the work. Be excellent. You’ll find your place, and it may just be where you least expect it.”

I don’t know Michael Strahan for his football career with the New York Giants [I live in Boston]. I only know him as host with Kelly Ripa on LIVE with Kelly and Michael. He’s such an affable, easy-going guy. What infectious cheer he possesses!

On music: “Thing that’s so genius about music is that is that it makes you move. How you move affects your mood. It’s hard to feel lethargic when you’re jumping up and down. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you’re grooving to a banging beat.”

Michael reads! On reading: “Reading is also an important part of my early morning routine. I always read a few paragraphs of an inspiring book before I get out of bed.”

On fear: “I am always scared. I was scared every time I put on the uniform and stepped on the field. I’m scared every time I put on a suit and step into a studio and walk onstage. I’m scared because I fear that I will not live up to what’s expected. It’s the way I’m built. I’m more scared of failure than I am motivated by the accolades that come with success.”

On being in his forties: “Now, in my forties, happiness has become more about enjoying each step of the ride. That’s why waking up happy, working for my happiness on a day-to-day basis, means so much to me.”

Relationship/dating tips:

–Guys like the chase

–Physical attraction only goes so far.

–Mystery is sexy.

–Men listen more than we’re given credit for.

–We avoid high-maintenance women.

–Swagger is a pheromone.

–Learn to accept a compliment.

–Perfection is boring. Women get too caught up with being perfect.”

–Soft trumps edge.

 –review by Amy Steele

 <em>FTC Disclosure: I received this book for review from Atria via Netgalley. </em>


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