music review: The Blue Dolphins


Summer isn’t quite over. Sure, once Labor Day rolls around, it’s the unofficial end and you’re thinking about cardigans and changing leaves. Listen to this sunny, uplifting pop duo– perfect for driving around with your windows rolled down or dancing barefoot in wet grass. The Blue Dolphins is two-time Grammy Award winner engineer Alfonso Rodenas and Victoria Scott. The two met at rock pit The Cat Club on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and started playing and recording together in 2010. Scott grew up outside of London where she learned to play the recorder, piano, and guitar and taught herself to sing by age 12 emulating the varied styles of Carole King, Nina Simone, N’Dea Davenport and Aretha Franklin. From Spain, Rodenas played bass in indie pop-rock band Vitamin Vil, and has since worked as a freelance producer, recording, and mixing engineer in Los Angeles, California.

Singer Victoria Scott exudes genuine emotions in a deep earthy manner. The songs combine a 70s rootsy vibe with international world music influences and flair. Superb guitar and intriguing melodies throughout this seemingly effortless album. “Walking in the Sun” features a cool surf guitar riff and carefree lyrics. “Wide and Blue Horizons” also churns with surf guitar and sounds a bit dangerous until Scott’s vocals anchors everything. Scott and Rodenas duet in lovely harmony on the optimistic and comforting “Peace in the World.” Things slow down a bit on the gorgeous “Stars” and twangy and bluesy “Breaking for the Blue” If the marvelous, dynamic “Sail Away” doesn’t make you long for surf and sand and holding hands then you’ve lost your ability to feel.

The Blue Dolphins
release date: September 18

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