petty morals

This Salem, Mass. all-girl electro-pop band with punk edginess has quickly become my new favorite local band. The shows exude energy, attitude and fun. Catchy songs with a mix of sweetness and kick-ass brashness. Female empowerment through and through.

Petty Morals are:

Taiphoon – lead vox
JC – lead vox
Chrissy V – guitar, backup vox
Ivahna Rock – bass, backup vox
LoWreck – drums
Allison Wonderland – keys

Tai Heatley [Taiphoon] answered a few questions.

Amy Steele: How did Petty Morals get together?

Taiphoon: Chrissie T (Ivahna Rock) and Lauren (LoWreck) were in a Joan Jett cover band. One day, they were listening to music at practice and a Metric Song came on. They both loved that kind of music and Lauren wanted to start a band that had that Metric sound. It was a far stretch from the punk bands they were in. They thought long and hard about how they wanted to put the band together. They knew it had to be all women. Feelers were put out and a band was formed.

Amy Steele: What makes you work well as a band?

Taiphoon: With us, there is no bickering and there’s no power struggles. From writing songs to picking out stage outfits, it’s all a big democracy.

Amy Steele: What is the best thing about being in a band?

Taiphoon: The free booze and babes. Just kidding…slightly. I enjoy creating music that makes people move. Being able to get on stage and connect with your audience. That feeling is powerful.

Amy Steele: There still aren’t many all-girl/all-female bands out there. why do you think there are fewer all-girl bands or even back-up musicians?

Taiphoon: We don’t really see it that way, probably because we tend to surround ourselves and seek out other female musicians.

Amy Steele: What all-girl bands do you admire?

Taiphoon: Of course, The Go Go’s and The Bangles. The Runaways, The Veronicas, Shonen Knife, Sleeter Kinney, The Donnas

Fun Fact: Much like Jem and The Holograms, Petty Morals has an alter ego band called GoBang. We’ve been booking shows and playing covers of The Go Go’s and The Bangles.

Amy Steele: What makes a good song?

Taiphoon: It’s gotta have a catchy hook and a great memorable lyrics. Ivahna Rock is great at coming up with perfect one-liners for our songs. She thinks of something and we write a whole song around it.

Amy Steele: Your shows are awesomely fun and high energy. How do you prepare for a gig? Any pre-show rituals?

Taiphoon: We practice and drill the sets frequently. Usually before a show, we sacrifice a virgin and do mad shots of whiskey. 😛

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