music review: Kimm Rogers


San-Diego based Kimm Rogers makes me think a lot about Nashville with this Americana, bluegrassy album. I picture open fields, beautiful flowers and boots. Also seems a fitting soundtrack for hanging out in a coffee shop. A combination of distinctive raspy vocals reminiscent of Lucinda Williams and compelling, emotional lyrics flourishes on the singer/songwriter’s third album– Rogers took some time off after a major label dropped her– and first independent release Where the Pavement Grows.

Rogers sings about youth and beauty on the upbeat and catchy “Twenty-three:” “skinny girls in magazines . . . by next week they’ll be replaced by a much younger and fresher face./suck it up and tuck it in. / age defy this age-old skin./ As if there was nothing more than the girl I was before.” Slower tempo with “Gravity” and the wistful “As Good as It Gets:” “this could be as good as it gets/ this could be our best moment yet.” Soaring, jangly melody on the robust “Eventually.” Closing song “Star Filled Canopy” is lush and hopeful with broad open-armed chords. There’s wisdom and don’t-mess-with-me vibes on every song.

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