NEW MUSIC: Carrousel; Kaaliyah; Willie and the Giant

Carrousel, “August 5”

August 5 is my birthday but also the day on which actress Marilyn Monroe died. L.A.-based Carrousel created a haunting, dreamy, luxuriant noir-pop song about it. Dark eerie gorgeousness.

Kaaliyah, “Rust and Bone”

Danish born singer Kaaliyah Stephanie Kumapayi, or simply known as “Kaaliyah,” is out with her debut single “Rust & Bone”– a striking, relaxed, sensual song. Louis Winding, who has previously produced for artists including Brandy, Outlandish, and Jamelia, produced the single.

Pretty video where Kaaliyah goes between glittery to belly dancer to hip-hop outfit in varied deconstructed settings.

debut EP Darkpop (FirstSequence) will be out later this year.

Willie and the Giant, “Loose Ends”

going in a different direction. a grooving jam band soul track and live video from the Nashville-based by way of Alabama band.

self-titled debut LP [Cumberland Brothers Music] out April 21

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