Lifetime TV movie review: Megachurch Murder


Based on Hamlet, Megachurch Murder focuses on a pastor’s daughter and a scheming ministry. After her pastor father –Hamilton Spears [Malcolm Jamal Warner]–dies in a suspicious bicycle accident Hannah [Shanica Knowles] starts drinking heavily. She soon uncovers information that another pastor– Clay King [Michael Beach] –wanted to expand the church to bring in more money and her father opposed the idea. To complicate matters Hannah starts dating Clay’s son Oliver [Romeo Miller] and her mom [Tamala Jones] is involved with Clay. At one point Clay tells Hannah’s mom Martha: “Get her under control or I will. Our future is bright baby and I’m not letting anything, including Hannah, win it.”


Most murders involve money and perhaps using the guise of a church it’s easier to commit financial crimes. Oliver is the good son and Marcus [Corbin Bleu] is the bad son who does the terrible bidding for his father. There’s even a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern moment with a pair of the congregation who meet with Marcus to “figure out what is wrong with Hannah.” They attempt to poison Hannah by putting money in her flask but she’s so happy with Oliver that she dumps it out, foiling their plan.

Updated Shakespeare plots can be cool. This isn’t the best ever but it’s fun. I’m not into church or the church scene but it works here. Shanica Knowles does an excellent job in the Hamlet role as the brooding and confused daughter.

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