TV Preview: Project Runway Threads S1.Ep.8 (finale)

The season finale of the latest Project Runway spin-off Threads airs Thursday, December 18 at 10 pm. The show features teenage designers. This week: Zoe; Christopher; Mady.

Each episode features a challenge and a “surprise door twist” which involves creating a second design. The second designs adds pressure these teens don’t need. There’s already not enough time for one design. During the opening “show us your style” challenge, the winner receives some sort of advantage in the main challenge. It’s varied each episode as if they don’t know what works and what doesn’t as if they’re making things up as the show goes on and maybe they are. Some advantages: stopping your competitors; stealing your competitor’s assistant; a half-hour jump-start. this week the winner receives a consultation with designer Christian Siriano, one of the show’s judges. Host Vanessa Simmons still seems uncomfortable.

Has this show been renewed yet? It must be hanging by a thread.

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