NEW MUSIC: Hydrogen Child; Krill

Hydrogen Child, “Sirens”

Why did you change your name to Hydrogen Child? I liked Super Water Sympathy. oh well. much complication and contemplation in band names. Here’s the video for the upbeat new song from the EP due out new year by the shimmer-pop Louisiana band. “Let’s start a riot/I’m sick of the silence/Yeah, we’re getting louder/So bring on the sirens.” Ansley Rimmer exudes such power and confidence with that voice.

Krill, “Torturer”

Here’s the first single from Boston band Krill’s third full length, A Distant Fist Unclenching, due out February 17 [Exploding In Sound / Double Double Whammy]. twangy. guttural. complex lyrics. hypnotizing drum beat. cool bass riffs.

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