another disappointing Lifetime series: Prison Wives Club


Oh Lifetime. The network for women. Women who are victimized (nearly EVERY Lifetime movie). Women who have issues with un-supportive and philandering men (True Tori). Women who need help (Girlfriends’ Intervention). The stereotypically bitchy, difficult women (Dance Moms). Women who are less than. Women who aren’t role models. [Exception for Amanda deCadenet and her Undone show and prior to that her Conversations]. Why can’t there be an Entrepreneurial Women Club.

Instead there’s going to be Prison Wives Club. Women putting their lives on hold for incarcerated men. Women who have the hots for men on death row perhaps. I’m not sure the premise or attraction. Here’s what the press release tells me.

the women are:


–she had a penchant for bad boys, and after her husband’s incarceration she was abandoned by some of her closest friends.


–tries to be the perfect prison wife, though she has yet to reveal her husband’s situation to her conservative family and struggles with the double life she leads.


–met her husband through a website and secretly wed him, believing he was in prison for life. With parole a suddenly new possibility, Ana must finally tell her family the truth and face the consequences of her decision.


–has yet to consummate her marriage to her convict husband and is raising a young daughter as a single parent.

Prison Wives Club is produced by CORE Media Group. Jennifer O’Connell (The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Ever After) and Paulina Williams (Eric & Jessie: Game On!, Love in the City) serve as executive producers, and Jenny Ramirez, Tim Sullivan, Glenn Stickley and Rajan Shandil serve as co-executive producers. Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahue and Colleen Conway Grogan serve as executive producers for Lifetime. Eight episodes have been ordered for this season.

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