music review: Prawn


Don’t know how many ways I can say how beautiful this album is. There are only so many words for it. With a name like Prawn I honestly expected more of a hard-edged punk outfit than a prog-rock/emo-band. Kingfisher is wonderful. A delight in the way that you get to the end of the album and immediately start it again from the beginning. You’ve been in such a lovely music-induced haze.

The Ridgewood, New Jersey band create dazzling songs with splendid guitar chords. Singer/guitarist Tony Clark has this endearing, raspy voice. “Scud Running” is a slow, thoughtful opening track. “First as Tragedy, Second as Farce” churns and blisters with cool guitar riffs. “Old Souls” turns reflective –“we’re old souls in new skins”–and gorgeous with its tapestry composition. Prawn gets upbeat on “Glass, Irony” with wah-wah guitar and thrashing drums. Tremendously sad “Absurd Walls” and horn-driven punk-infused “Thalissa” highlight Prawn’s talent and distinctive sound. The overall album maintains romantic elements through its lyrics and dreamy arrangements.


Topshelf Records

released: August 12

purchase at Amazon: Kingfisher

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