MUSIC: Singer/songwriter spotlight on Maggie McClure and Peter Bradley Adams


Maggie McClure

Singer/songwriter Maggie McClure relocated from Oklahoma to Los Angeles to pursue her music ambitions. She writes upbeat, theatrical pop songs with strong vocals, keyboards, guitar. Songs with heart and backstory. Inspirational. “My songs are basically excerpts from my journal edited to fit the music,” Maggie says. Her songs do sound like they belong on a stage or on a soundtrack. The TBS comedy Cougar Town featured opening track “Reset” on the episode titled “Hard on Me.”

Time Moves On [self-released, Feb 11]



Peter Bradley Adams

Brooklyn, NY-based singer/songwriter Peter Bradley Adams creates intimate, emotive, introspective, simple and gorgeously arranged folk songs. Last time I saw him at Club Passim in Cambridge, Mass he said that a group of musician friends would get together after being challenged to write a song each week based on several words send out to the group by one of its members. Such a fantastic idea to foster creativity. He sings with gentle, hushed, calming vocals. A soothing soul. The Mighty Storm, his fifth album, recorded in Nashville, is a wondrous, poetic collection of enchanting songs.

The Mighty Storm [Me Mine Records, Feb 4]


mighty story.PBA


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