music review: Soft Science


If you like dreamy pop, I urge you to check out the sophomore album, Detour, from Sacramento’s Soft Science. Singer Katie Haley’s voice sounds like Lush’s Miki Berenyi on many tracks particularly the opener “Nothing” which is a bit sweet and a bit grayish. “Light” features more drums and churning guitar. Gorgeous. Haley’s strong yet lilting vocals gives Soft Science the ability to combine darkness and light, creating attractive, unique songs. But then Soft Science flips the script on the much more upbeat “Blue” and psychedelic “Falling.” Steeped in 90s shoegaze and Britpop but embracing new technological elements and themes, it all works. I adore it. But I’ve a weakness for anything kinda Goth, ethereal.

Test Pattern Records [Feb 11]


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