music review: Snowbird


Snowbird hooked me immediately with the wistful, mesmerizing “I Heard the Owl Call My Name” on its debut album moon. Snowbird is the duo of former Cocteau Twins founder/musician Simon Raymonde and North Carolina-based singer Stephanie Dosen [who has performed with Midlake and Massive Attack]. Every song by Snowbird showcases mysterious, dreamy, layered melodies. Gorgeous unique songwriting and harmonies propel each song. Dosen doesn’t completely enunciate yet she conveys so much. “Where Foxes Hide” is a soothing, beautiful track with compelling instrumentation. Gentle piano frames the whispery romance of “Amelia.” The track “Porcelain” engulfs with its spellbinding vocals and Gothic melody. “In Lovely” is another sweet, romantic song. Snowbird enchants. This is so far my favorite album of 2014.

moon [February 4, 2014]
Bella Union



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