Music News: Nina Persson; Hospitality; Lorde

new music from Nina Persson

–more mature, darker, byzantine than The Cardigans bubblegum-pop

Animal Heart [The End Records] out February 11

new music from Hospitality:

–moody bliss with cool synth-pop beat.

Trouble [Merge] out January 28


Lorde: “The phrase ‘teen hottie’ literally makes me want to throw up.”

in an interview with the New York Times published on December 26, 2013, indie-pop singer/songwriter Lorde said: “I’m a pop princess at heart. Pop is about distilling what you want to say and making it easy. And the way I write isn’t about making things easy,” she said. “It’s a weird juxtaposition.”

“I would like to think that my public persona comes naturally to me and isn’t that dissimilar to my real way of doing things.”

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