Kate Nash at House of Blues Boston: show review

kate nash.11.8.13

There’s a lot to like about 26-year-old indie pop singer/songwriter Kate Nash. She’s an energetic, outspoken beautiful feminist. She writes thoughtful songs about embracing inner beauty, flaws and Grrl Power. She’s an exemplary role model in a music world where female singers garner more attention for who they’re dating and what they’re wearing than what they sing about. Nash clearly puts effort into her performance and seems to be having fun with her all-female backing band [and it’s SO rare to see a female solo artist touring with an all-female backing band so HUGE bonus points for this] but the songs blend together after a while. Her vocals ranged from screaming punk pop on the opening song “We Can Be Friends” to sweeter Brit-accented sing-speak on “Do-Wah-Doo.” She peppered in newer songs such as “OMyGod” which she said was an “amazing song” she wrote on a “miserable holiday.” It’s unfortunate that her live show doesn’t match the quality level of her recorded material. And it’s not that sheen and flawlessness must be part of a live performance. Something lacked here. Not enough chemistry with the audience who annoyingly kept yelling out song titles and didn’t particularly appreciate her chit-chat. Not enough variation. Not enough emotion or pizazz. Nothing stood out. I didn’t leave the show with any song running through my head. Putting Kate Nash in the list of artists I like to listen to but don’t need to see live. You’re better off donating your $20 to a women’s organization such as Emily’s List instead of buying a ticket to a Kate Nash concert.

Kate Nash at House of Blues Boston, Friday, November 8, 2013.


  1. #1 by curiouskritter on November 11, 2013 - 01:20

    I thought it was an amazing show, personally. She connected with the audience incredibly well, even allowing fans to rush the stage at the end of the show and helping them bodysurf the crowd (and then bodysurfing the crowd herself). Thought her performance matched that of her recorded work. Not sure what show you attended, to be honest!

  2. #2 by bekristl on November 10, 2013 - 19:02

    I was at that show and couldn’t agree more. Nash sounded more like one of those “ain’t I just the cutest thing?” dumb blondes than the feminist I’ve come to know. Loved the pigtails, though! Mostly it was just loud, frenzied, and flat, with the one exception the columnist mentioned. And even that one was only a minor step down like “frenzied” instead of FRENZIED. The best part of the show was the opening song, which was fabulous, it just felt like it kept repeating itself…

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