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Orbe Orbe is a new project for Seattle-based spoken word poet and soul-folk artist Cristina Orbé and producer Jahon Mikal. Orbe Orbe melds electronica with folk and ambient pop. It’s edgy and dramatic with various instrumentation and creative arrangements. Some songs are a bit mellower and some bolder. Cristina’s a talented vocalist with a voice as strong and convincing as Garbage’s Shirley Manson.

“Let Me In” feeds off a paranoid cabaret vibe “you are the poison under my skin” while “Circus Star” remains theatrical in its melody with poignant lyrics: “If she says nothing, it doesn’t mean she has nothing to say.” There’s full-on adrenalin flowing throw “Escape.” On “Parasol,” and “Orangutan” Orbe shows a gentler, more ethereal vocal side.

Originally from New York, when Cristina Orbe moved to Seattle in 2001 her goals were to: “live alone, stop watching television and teach herself to play guitar.” She wrote a song within three months and performed on stage in six months. She became a front-woman for soul-funk bands. Cristina co-founded FEEST, a youth food justice program. She works with teenagers to become leaders in their schools and neighborhoods through cooking, education and political advocacy.

Invisible Kingdoms
release date: October 22, 2013

Orbe Orbe website


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