Project Runway S12.Ep12: RECAP


Remaining designers:


The designers meet Tim at SweetBriar Nature Center on Long Island.


Challenge: create an avant-garde look inspired by butterflies


–Crossbreeding textiles as the butterflies crossbreed
–Jumpsuit underneath another style
Tim: “what do the judges like most from you?”


–Cape with only her face exposed. A big wrapping, cocoon-like. Then she has this orange dress.
Tim says it’s too much. She starts crying and freaking out.
Tim: “I’m going to give you some tough love. Get out of this conundrum. Rally. Rally.”

–Unfinished silk effect black dress.
Tim: “It’s on the Goth side. I’m a fan.”


“My idea is that the back becomes gown-like.”
Tim: “Well, the back’s spectacular. I love it as a piece of sculpture.”


–Making a two piece garment with piping
Tim thinks the textile looks inexpensive so Justin might swap out to another fabric.

They’ll work on the models make-up with Billy B, consulting make-up artist for L’Oreal Paris and also Tom, global nail expert for L’Oreal Paris.

After working on avant garde designs, the next day the designers come in and have to make a transformation look. They choose a losing design and have to transform the look.

“Make it Work” Challenge: create a new look from a losing look from an eliminating designer

Bradon picks Sue’s losing look
Justin picks his own losing look—strapless gown with two slits
Dom picks Jeremy’s red jacket and skirt
Helen picks Kate’s pleated skirt
Alexandria picks Miranda’s look plaid pants

with guest judge Emmy Rossum

with guest judge Emmy Rossum


“This was one of the best final runway shows we’ve ever had.” –Heidi Klum


Justin's avant garde look

Justin’s avant garde look

“A lot of drama. She shed the cocoon and the butterfly emerged.” – Heidi Klum

Justin's second look

Justin’s second look

“This reworked piece is so much improved.” –Zac Posen
“That’s a dress that I would wear.” –Emmy Rossum


Helen's avant garde design

Helen’s avant garde design

“Those are my favorite nails on the runway. I’m more a fan of your avant garde look.” – Heidi Klum
“I think it’s okay. I’ve seen this technique many times. It’s sort of like a carrot in the grater.” — Zac Posen

Helen's second look

Helen’s second look

“You edited it down to such a stream-lined silhouette. It’s so streamlined.” – Nina Garcia


Alexandria's avant garde design

Alexandria’s avant garde design

“You created this Goth sexy dramatic dress.” – Heidi Klum
“I don’t find it that transporting or magical or beautiful.” — Zac Posen

Alexandria's second look

Alexandria’s second look

“This looks like a punk costume in a way. I do love the pants.” – Heidi Klum


Bradon's avant garde design

Bradon’s avant garde design

“Extravagant, exciting, risky. Everything works. Every angle is an interesting angle.” — Nina Garcia
“This makes me so happy. You have created art.” – Heidi Klum
“I went gaga for it.” — Zac Posen

Bradon's second look

Bradon’s second look

“It looks super chic.” – Nina Garcia


Dom's avant garde design

Dom’s avant garde design

“I love the exuberance of color and print. I’m blown away. Beautiful use of mixed prints.” — Nina Garcia

Dom's second look

Dom’s second look

“Impeccable work you do.” –Nina Garcia
“You know how to break up prints.” –Zac Posen


BRADON and DOM will be showing collections at New York Fashion Week.

JUSTIN, ALEXANDRIA and HELEN must create collections and compete for the two spots left at New York Fashion Week.

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