Luray: music review


This Washington, D.C.-based bluegrassy, ethereal [banjo-driven folk]/ Americana band revolves around singer/songwriter Shannon Carey’s gentle, sun-kissed vocals and diverse banjo playing. On the magical, glorious title track Carey sings in subdued style then hits an exquisite high note at the chorus. This song sounds the mellowest and most electric at the same time, keyboards and guitar being central instruments. “Kalorama” [a section of D.C.’s Adams Morgan] sounds distinctly alt-country while “Already There” shimmers with a sweet banjo twang and kicky beat. “Tidalground” features a more atmospheric sound and swirly vocals. From the first note of “Crying,” you’ll feel like you’ve hit the road in cowboy boots. When something seems inherently simple it can’t possibly be. Carey possesses the songwriting abilities and vocal range for Luray to straddle several genres while maintaining its own sound. Even though her brother Sean (S. Carey of Bon Iver—a more brooding indie band) produced the album, Shannon clearly prefers singing and writing songs with happier vibes. Think fresh air, blue skies, paddles dipping into cool water, trail mixes, reading on a hammock and long winding hikes.

–by Amy Steele

The Wilder
Release date: August 27, 2013



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