Julia Holter: music review

loud city song cover

dramatic. experimental. speak-singing[“Horns Surrounding Me”] on some songs, whispery [“World”] on others. Reminds me of Charlotte Gainsbourg or Feist. “In the Green Wild” jumps and weaves with big strings and a triumphant spiritedness. The aching, stunning “Hello Stranger” shifts to a contemplative mood with its windiness. “Maxims II” invokes a musical number or a café setting or both. Horns and Holter’s precious vocals blend on “This is a True Heart.” L.A. singer/songwriter Holter said that the classic 1958 musical Gigi inspired this album. A daring idea and creative endeavor that works with Holter’s fascinating, varied vocal delivery combined with her uncommon song constructions.

Loud City Song
Domino Records

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