NEW MUSIC: Austin’s Little Radars


from: Austin, Texas


indie folk rock/ Americana. darker, introspective themes. Rather pretty layered arrangements with unique instrumentation and poignant, contemplative lyrics.

“It’s an album of struggle and shortcomings, how they loom around us and must be addressed,” singer/guitarist Sean Hale explained. “Whether it’s the pressure of success or the fear of failure, we’re all haunted. These experiences become our souvenirs.”

He added: “The instrumentation has a post apocalyptic theme. You will find bells, piano and omnichord featured in this song and all are firsts for us as a band. Lyrically I wanted to complement the intensity.”


album: Souvenirs [Aug 6]

band members:

Sean Hale–singer/guitarist
Trevor Hale–guitarist
Grant Himmler–bassist
Derek Woodruff– drummer

my picks:

“Comin’ Clean”—urgent vocals and fervent guitar

“Siren”—dreamy, wistful with strong melody

“Cut Loose”—haunting, layered, resonant


download at Amazon: Souvenirs


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