Project Runway S11.Ep13: RECAP

final four

Final Four– Michelle, Stanley, Patricia and Daniel have gone home to create collections. They’ll be judged on three looks from their collection. Only three will be able to show at New York Fashion Week.

–I thought Michelle definitely had the best designs and vision. I liked her color palate and lone wolf theme. I’m not sure Patricia should even BE in the Final Four. She never won any challenges! I wanted Samantha in the finals. Daniel does design some outdated looks although he’s so sweet and enthusiastic about everything. Stanley’s been the threat from the beginning in his mind and according to other designers too. He’s been so confident throughout the show. He seems to have lost some steam here. We do find out on his home visit he tried out for PR three times.





–inspired by lone wolf

“When I looked at this, I thought there’s a lot going on. And I like it.” –Heidi Klum

“I feel like you created a universe here. I like that it goes casual to more dressy.” –Zac Posen





–inspired by moon, Germany, sting ray

“I’ve seen this dress from you before. It just doesn’t feel that sophisticated.” –Zac Posen

“I feel that when you are going to have an all-black collection it’s going to be able the shape or the drama. I’m worried that I don’t see any color or I don’t see any shape.” –Nina Garcia

“It’s too tame. It’s not unusual and I like you. It’s not interesting enough.” –Heidi Klum





—encompass a lot of new materials I tried to use like horse hair. I find it a celebration of silhouettes that are very festive.

“My favorite piece here is the jacket. It’s rocking. It’s awesome. I also love this blue dress. My next question is how cohesive would your collection be?” –Heidi

“The details that are very special are being overshadowed by so much.” –Nina

“I don’t think she’s ready yet. There’s a lot of ideas. She needs to clean it up.” –Nina

“To me she has the most potential because the ideas are so original. I’m looking at something that combines history craft and originality.” –Zac

“It would be so sad for the people at home to see what else she’s made. I would much rather see her show than one of the snooze boys.” –Heidi





—”I wanted to keep my simple shapes and apply simple textures upon textures. I built a loom.”

“I think you had the same problem as Daniel. I think you didn’t have enough ideas. Where is the wow.” –Heidi

“Your looks are cohesive. There’s a lot of texture to your collection. You need to inject texture to these clothes. But that’s just in the styling.” –Nina

“This is your one opportunity to bring your vision out to the world. It is chic banal.” –Zac

“I think his clothing is impeccably made. The proportions and styling is way off. From what I’ve seen from the rest of the season, he’s way off.” –Zac

“He needs some modern pieces.” –Nina


Daniel is OUT

Michelle, Stanley and Patricia will be showing at New York Fashion Week


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