Why I love Boston and why Boston will remain strong

When I attended Simmons College and for several years after, I’d hang out at an MIT fraternity right in Kenmore Square on Beacon Street for a rooftop party to watch the Boston Marathon every year. It was so much fun. We had perfect viewing position and could run back and forth from the street to the house to refill our refreshments or take a break. I saw the elite runners and so many others pass by every year and cheered them on with a crowd of people. I watched endless other runners pass by—a friend from college, the Hoyts, a former mayor of Boston.

The Boston Marathon and Patriots Day are special to Boston. I always make a point to at least watch the elite runners finish on TV if I’m not going to be watching the race live. The elite marathoners amaze every time. The people who manage to run in three or four or five hours also impress me. Since ruining my ankles playing collegiate soccer, I’ve not been able to run distances. It takes determination to get through a marathon and Boston’s a particularly grueling one. Like many others the bombing shattered me. Why would anyone want to knowingly hurt so many random people in this despicable, cowardly manner? Who would do this? It angered and upset me.

Many think Bostonians are unfriendly, snobby, cold people. I lived in D.C. I’ve heard it before. You know the jokes—Massholes, the worst drivers out there etc. I prefer discerning than any of those things. We’re intelligent. We have big hearts that might just take a while to thaw out. We’re survivors. We were first on the scene way back when. Boston’s known for its academics, world-renowned hospitals, (mostly) winning sports teams and its rich cultural history.

Boston’s a city filled with a well-educated, well-read and diverse population. It’s a small but not too small city. I like being in the midst of discoveries, research and academic prowess. It’s a perfect blend of brain and brawn. Intellectual for some. Sporty for others. A nerdy paradise. That blend suits me. While I’m more interested in intellectual pursuits, sports serve a purpose to bring a community together. Sports teams motivate. Boston’s fans stick with their teams. Combine the braininess and the perseverance of the sports teams and Boston’s not going to be frightened easily. The world saw Boston come together as the bombing occurred to help those injured in the blasts. Once you get to know us we’re loyal to the end.

If Boston has all those things going for it, it’ll survive. It will get through this.

I love you Boston.

Boston Strong.

–Amy Steele


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