Violeta Vil: music review


This cool Venezuelan girl group mixes hypnotic beats, dreamy shoe-gazing melodies and stylish 60s-era vocal harmonizing. Funky ebbs and flows like riptides, waves and tide pools. The title track translates to “Headstones and Coconuts” and swirls and churns strikingly with soft, whispery lyrics. Twangy psychedelic guitar propels “Aguamarina.” The broody “Amish” puts you into a trance. “Pericona” makes you feel like you’re floating with its shimmery vibe and its island drum beats. “Toronjil” blends punching guitar, tambourine and island percussion making it sound like the soundtrack to a drug circle for The Beatles circa 1965. While only eight songs and in Spanish, it’s a splendid, eclectic and fun musical trip.

Lapidas y Cocoteros
Young Cubs
release date: March 12, 2013




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