CELEBS: Rachel Weisz on ESQUIRE UK


Rachel Weisz stars in Oz the Great and Powerful [in theaters March 8]

on her more indie roles: “Some of the material I’m attracted to is not… it’s just not commercial. Which means it’s really f**king interesting, you know? It’s off-centre. It doesn’t fit in a genre.”

“Jack White is how I’d like to act,” says Weisz. “You can tell he isn’t faking it and that the band really don’t know what they’re going to play next. It’s abandon. He just lets himself go. Abandon plus skill plus technique. That’s a great cocktail.”

She’s one of my favorite actresses.

also see her in:

The Deep Blue Sea [2011]
The Brothers Bloom [2008]
The Constant Gardener[2005]
The Fountain [2006]
The Shape of Things [2003]

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