Sylver Tongue: music review

When I see emails about female-fronted bands and female artists in my inbox, they get immediate attention. No matter what people think, sexism remains pervasive in the music industry. There just aren’t enough women in alternative music. Pop stars sure. So take note. Sylver Tongue, named for Phillip Pullman’s heroine Lyra Silvertongue and Japan’s frontman David Sylvian, is the synth-pop project of Charlotte Hatherley (Ash, Bat for Lashes). The keyboard-laden melodies and opulent vocals are magnificently transcendent. The opening song, “Something Big,” soars with gorgeous, wistful vocals. Darker lyrics and hypnotic pulses wash over you on “Hook You Up.” The vigorous “Creatures” features more churning, burning beats in a bit of a Siouxsie and the Banshees-esque style. The final song “Faraway Sun” draws blissful energy to every chakra. What a fantastic 20 minutes of music.

Something Big EP
Dancing Coins




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