The Organ Beats: music review

Filled with psychedelic guitar chords and intense rhythms, Goldenheart features a plethora of energetic and emotional songs from Boston band The Organ Beats. These talented musicians perform daring and unusual compositions best played loud. Every song is super-charged, tightly wound and fueled by super tight melodies. The electrifying results showcase vocalist/guitarist Noelle’s sweet vocals on “Living Without You” amidst jangly guitar and a catchy drum beat and heartbreaking vocals on the cathartic “Heartless.” There’s the keyed up, dreamy “So Long” and the fun, raucous “Get Up!” The band slows down on the gorgeous and poignant closing track, “Don’t You Ever Feel Like Dying?” On Goldenheart, The Organ Beats is back in spectacular form.

The Organ Beats
November 2012

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