MUSIC: live and local last night at TTs

Parlour Bells

I found out about Parlour Bells quite a while ago– actually reviewed the Heart Beatings EP in 2010. So it’s rather embarrassing that I’ve yet to see one of my favorite local bands live. Yes, I do have a few favorites [Freezepop, Gentleman Hall, Wheat, Static of the Gods], despite my lack of local connections. Vocalist Glenn di Benedetto and I communicate frequently via Facebook and Twitter]. Finally I managed to transport my pathetic depressed self out to see the band play and it was well worth it [thank you again to Kerry at CQ Presents].

The band performed a grooving, bewitching, smoldering set with a batch of new songs including an ode to recently departed alternative radio station WFNX called “Airwaves.”

Parlour Bells is:

Nate Leavitt – Guitar
Glenn di Benedetto – Vocals
Magen Tracy – Synth
Brendan Boogie – Bass
Brandon Erdos – Drums


Sidewalk Driver

Sidewalk Driver played a hyper-kinetic set of retro-infused rock/pop songs. I’m not sure I quite “got” the overly theatrical lead singer’s performance and felt it served as more of a detraction from the talented band than an enhancement to the show. But the crowd enjoyed it. Super fun songs.

The Sun Shines

Sidewalk Driver is:

Tad McKitterick – Lead Vocals
Kate Murdoch – Guitar & Vocals
A.J. Locke – Drums
Jared Egan – Lead Guitar
Jonn Smith – Bass


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