RIP Erica Kennedy– author/ feminist/ friend

Gutted to hear that Erica Kennedy, feminist author, died a few days ago. Erica Kennedy was a novelist, screenwriter and social media strategist. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College and Oxford University, she worked as a fashion publicist and then wrote for publications such as Elle UK, Vibe and In Style. Her first novel Bling, a New York Times best-seller, satirized the hip-hop industry.

We met via Twitter in 2009 when she published her second novel Feminista. She sent it to me, I reviewed it and we were tight for a while. She emailed me some Ukrainian websites where you could stream movies that were still in theaters. We talked movies, pop culture, politics, Oprah, Michelle, feminism and [everything and anything]. I later interviewed her in this piece I wrote about Why Authors Sign Books?

Erica was talented, opinionated, edgy and witty. Even the most successful, most beautiful people can be mentally ill. Erica dealt with mental illness, like me, daily. I’ll miss her presence immensely. We’re sista-friends forever.


*I’ll update when more details become available.

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