Skyline Pigeons: music review

Female-fronted bands remain a rarity. Talented ones such as Skyline Pigeons are the true exception. So I got quite excited when I heard Skyline Pigeons. I know I’m often stuck in the 90s but I do hear elements of Lush and Curve in Skyline Pigeons. Santa Barbara, California-based sisters Roxanne and Caroline Teti anchor this edgy band whose sound crosses from punk to garage rock to darker, twisty psychedelic machinations. The musical arrangements complement the emotionality of each song whether angry, melancholy or blissful. This moodiness makes this such an engaging album. The band’s debut album House of Mysteries opens with the sultry confidence and great lyrics of “The Cycle”—“all your secrets are going to turn to dust/ when all is said and done, we’re not going to matter too much/ you shake up from me/ you break up with me/ the cycle goes on.” Breathy vocals fit the alt-country “Together”—“hit my heart like a lottery card/ for you to get lucky.” Anger and sadness collide on the stunning “Fire She Blows.” The piano-ballad closer “Take Me Back” nearly brings chills with its exquisite intensity. Skyline Pigeons is one of the best indie-pop bands I’ve heard this year.


Label: Retro Face Music
Release date: June 5, 2012
PR: In Music We Trust

purchase at Amazon: House of Mysteries

–review by Amy Steele

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