Lee Ranaldo: music review

There’s slow-mo guitar riffs of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” at the beginning of “Waiting on a Dream” then it takes a curve into its own thing. When you’ve been in a band for three decades how far do you go on your solo projects? Sonic Youth founding member Lee Ranaldo maintains his talents as guitarist and singer/songwriter without being showy or experimental. This album isn’t a Sonic Youth derivative. If anything I hear a psychedelic-edged Replacements in these pop/rock songs. A sun-kissed, laid-back vibe and thoughtful lyrics makes for bliss.

my picks:
“Xtina as I Knew Her”
“Fire Island”
“Tomorrow Never Comes”

Lee Ranaldo
Between the Times and Tides
Matador Records
release date: March 20, 2012

purchase at Amazon: Between the Times and the Tides


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