Leland Sundries: music review

Harmonica, bango and guitar provide a combo of country and jazz and blues and folk. Twangy. Americana. Puts you in the mood to sip spiked iced tea in a sunny field. Singer/songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton’s deep, peculiar vocals drew me in on the first track. Simultaneously strangely attractive and quite catchy. There’s fine storytelling. Bonus points for the humorous song “Giving Up Redheads” with the line: ‘that girl didn’t even catch my eye boys until she dyed her hair.’ Leland Sundries would be cool to see live.

song picks:
“Giving Up Redheads”
“Airstream Transmission”

The Foundry EP
Label: L’echiquier Records
Release date: February 21, 2012
PR: Sneak Attack Media

purchase at Amazon: The Foundry EP

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