The Lies Have It: book review

The Lies Have It , by Jill Edmondson. Publisher: Iguana (November 2011). Mystery. Paperback, p. 252

Ex-band-member [who still happily drums in her spare time or to let off steam] turned PI Sasha Jackson ends up with the case of a murdered BDSM party organizer. The leather, whips, chains and lace type of affair. Sasha works the party with her friend Jessica. Early the next morning, someone shoots and kills an assless-chaps-wearing Ian. The bar’s owner asks Sasha to look into the case as he fears a decline in business. Did Ian’s BDSM lifestyle turn too violent and out of control or did something else happen? After some digging, resourceful Sasha finds that Toronto politics and kinky sex parties collide.

Edmondson thoroughly researches whatever she focuses on for the case. She describes Toronto like someone who lives in Toronto and loves Toronto. The good areas and the not so good areas. By reading a Sasha Jackson mystery the reader gets a true sense of place.

Toronto has some nice stretches of waterfront. Ashbridge’s Bay and Scarborough Bluffs in the east end are lovely, and Harbourfront, at the base of downtown, is pretty and vibrant, especially in summertime.

I’m not the typical mystery reader who reads mysteries the majority of the time and frequents the mystery section of the bookstores or library. I enjoy every John Grisham and the occasional Harlen Coben page-turner. It’s diverting to read a mystery to stir things up a bit. Author Jill Edmondson created a great character in Sasha Jackson. This makes me want to keep reading. Sasha keeps me in the pages. She’s honest, gutsy, liberal and independent (despite living at home with her brother and father). I can relate to her in so many ways. Other ways (her excessive drinking) I can’t.

This time around, Sasha seems quite hung up on attorney Derek. He’s out of town on a case but every time she mentions him she softens a bit too much for my liking. She also makes a point to state that she can still flirt with other men, appreciate good-looking guys etc. But I didn’t completely believe the Sasha-is-still-as-independent-minded-with-Derek-as-without. Or maybe just in a steady relationship as not in one. Of course I’m not suggesting that feminists don’t appreciate monogamy, relationships or marriage. Luckily there’s way more Sasha than there’s Sasha and Derek so I could forgive it and enjoy the twists in The Lies Have It.

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