Dating: a few tips for guys

–Be polite. Open the car door. Walk next to your date. Let her go first. It has nothing to do with feminism, it’s dating and you should be a gentleman.

–Choose a place that’s halfway between you and your date or convenient for both.

–Don’t drink too much. You’re there to get to know your date.

–Splitting the check is tacky.

–Don’t tell her how many children you have at the end of the date. Share the information before or early on in the date.

–Remember personal grooming. Clip those nose hairs and long, stray eyebrow hairs. Shave.

–Refrain from talking about other women you’ve dated and don’t ask your date about her exes. It’s not important in the present moment. It may never be important.

–Want something casual? Want a long-term relationship? Don’t announce this before you’ve spent time with someone. Why put a label on something that hasn’t started?

–Don’t take phone calls. Don’t text. Don’t tweet. RUDE.

–If you do end up kissing at the end of the night, don’t grope her.

–Make eye contact.

–Show some interest in your date. ask some questions.

–If you’re not divorced or have been separated less than six months, don’t date. it’s not fair to the woman. you’re not completely available, yet if ever.

–If she’s a vegan or vegetarian, don’t eat something in front of her that would be offensive.

–You want to see her again? Tell her that before she walks away.

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