MUSIC: This is Wheat, a long-time favorite Boston band of mine

Who: Scott Levesque, Brendan Harney, Ricky Brennan and Kenny Madaras

From: Boston


Medeiros (1998)
Hope & Adams (1999)
Per Second, Per Second, Per Second… Every Second (2003) –picks: “I Met a Girl,” “The Beginner,” “World United Already”
That’s Exactly What I Wanted… Exactly That (EP, 2006)
Every Day I Said a Prayer for Kathy and Made a One Inch Square (2007)
White Ink, Black Ink (2009)– picks: “Changes Is,” “My Warning,” “Music is Drugs”

–of course Wheat is my favorite Boston band so I adore everything

Sound: wistful, dreamy, layered, gorgeous indie-pop

Wheat is working on a new album. In the meantime, the band plans to release three singles.

first up:
there’s unusual vocalization and arrangement on the techno-infused “The Used to B in Love Blues”
“House of Kiss” simultaneously comforts and charges

from Wheat’s press release:
Wheat will release 3 limited edition CD singles. Each single will feature 2 new tracks, exclusive artwork hand-screened by the band, full liner notes and free downloads. Subsequent months will have a new single, each with two additional tracks. This project will culminate in a yet-untitled, limited edition CD along with other exclusive downloads. The single can be purchased now through the band’s website and on October 10, at a music store near you.

Official website

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