Lifetime TV Movie review: The Hunt for the I-5 Killer

“We got a serial killer working the I-5 Corridor.”

The Hunt for the I-5 Killer is based on the true-story of an exhaustive one-year search for the suspect who murdered and sexually assaulted dozens of women on the 1-5 highway through California, Washington and Oregon. John Corbett plays a Oregon state police detective who first makes connection that the suspect might be a serial killer. Sara Canning plays a woman who, along with her friend/co-worker, was attacked. She survived but her friend did not.

Gun in hand and late at night, the hooded Caucasian suspect gruesomely attacked women who worked or lived along the I-5 Highway. Often he forced them to perform sex acts at gunpoint. He shoots them and takes off. He even tied up a mother and her teen daughter and raped the daughter, then shot them both dead.

The film’s suspenseful with its punchy editing of the serial killer aspect of the film. Shots of driving down highway to shots of crimes against women. Corbett commands his role. As he’s been in the past [Northern Exposure, Sex and the City], he’s warm and strong and determined. Everything someone wants from a protective figure looking for a solution. The Hunt for the I-5 Killer shows how detectives in three states worked together to catch this misogynist killer.

The Hunt for the I-5 Killer premieres Sunday, October 2 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime

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