Thank You REM

for brilliant songs– for amazing concerts– for being so classy

“I Believe” is my favorite song and I played it repeatedly as I did many REM songs. Still have my “GREEN” t-shirt from concert I went to in college. REM’s music meant a lot to me over the past few decades and I still appreciate it so much.

Favorite albums:

Life’s Rich Pageant
song picks: “I Believe,” “Fall on Me,” “Begin the Begin”

song picks: “You are the Everything,” “Orange Crush,” “Get Up”

song picks: “Radio Free Europe,” “Laughing,” “Talk About the Passion”

song picks: “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry),” “Pretty Persuasion,” “(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville”

Fables of the Reconstruction
song picks: “Maps and Legends,” “Life and How to Live It,” “Cant Get There from Here”

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