There are Things I Want You to Know About Stieg Larsson and Me: book review

There are Things I Want You to Know About Stieg Larsson and Me , by Eva Gabrielsson. Publisher: Seven Stories Press (June, 2011). Biography/ memoir. Cloth, 224 pages.

When Stieg Larsson died at age 50, his partner of 32 years wasn’t legally allowed any of his intellectual, material or financial holdings. Eva Gabrielsson candidly and lovingly recalls her decades with Stieg Larsson. Eva discusses their family backgrounds and how they met [at a meeting in support of Front National de Liberation in Vietnam]. After college, Stieg worked as a postal carrier and then joined TT [Tidningarnas Telegrambyra], the Swedish Associated Press. He worked there for 20 years. Throughout the book, Eva illustrates Stieg’s intelligence, perseverance and sense of justice. In the Millennium series, Larsson based characters on people he knew and used actual addresses and places in Sweden that he and Eva liked to go. If you’re a fan of the Millennium series, this book provides many details about the author behind the best-sellers.

Millennium series:
“He was describing Sweden the way it was and the way he saw his country; the scandals, the oppression of women, the friends he cherished and wished to honor, Grenada—that island so dear to us . . . He thought out every little detail because he kept everything in his prodigious memory . . . and in his computer.”

“What more beautiful homage could Stieg pay to women than to make them heroines in a feminist crime novel? And to show them as he saw them: brave, free, strong enough to change their world and refuse to be victims.”

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