State of Wonder: short book review

State of Wonder , by Ann Patchett. Publisher: Harper (June 7, 2011). Literary fiction. Hardcover, 368 pages.

Marina hadn’t understood the enormity of the river until she was on it. The sky was spread over in white clouds that banked and thinned depending on the direction she turned in. Some of the clouds had covered over the sun so for the moment it was cooler, and the breeze of their forward momentum kept the insects down. The birds shot out from the banks and cut over the water.

Ann Patchett connects the Amazon and the pharmaceutical industry in a creepy and engrossing manner. Marina Singh works as a researcher for a Midwestern pharmaceutical company. She’s also involved with Mr. Fox, the company CEO. When word arrives from Dr. Annick Swenson that Marina’s colleague died while at her camp, Fox sends Marina to find out what happened to Dr. Eckman as well as the progression of Swenson’s drug research on an indigenous group. The magical, curious, breathtaking and spooky Amazon awaits Marina. State of Wonder captivates with its vivid imagery, intriguing characters and surprising developments.

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