Juliana Hatfield to release Speeches Delivered To Animals and Plants on August 30th

The fan-funded album will be released on Hatfield’s own Ye Olde Records, which is distributed by Junketboy. She’ll be donating a percentage of the funds to two of her favorite charities– the Save a Sato animal shelter in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts.

Hatfield produced and played all the six-string guitars and keyboards on the new album which was recorded at Q Division Studios in Somerville, Mass. Ed Valuaskas played bass and Pete Caldes played drums.

Track Listing:

1. Stray Kids

2. Taxicab

3. Vagabond

4. Sex and Drugs

5. Failure

6. Someone Else’s Problem

7. Change The World

8. Batteries

9. Don’t Wanna Dance

10. There’s Always Another Girl

11.Candy Wrappers

12.Thousands Of Guitars

13.Wasting Time

Juliana’s website

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