WIRED: DVD review

Exciting, heart-pounding and twisty financial thriller. After Louise Evans [Jodie Whittaker], a cash-strapped single mom, receives a promotion at her London bank, she’s propositioned by a criminal ring to do a “job” for them. She’s hesitant at first but does it after some pressure. She even opens the new bank account from her own computer during regular business hours. I’m not so sure how smart that is. And undercover fraud squad police officer [Toby Stephens] befriends her and eventually reveals his true identity. She thinks she’s done but the bad guys have more plans for Louise. This time they blackmail her and once she gets involved she’s in deeper and deeper as the plans grow increasingly complex and confusing. The music increases the intrigue and danger particularly as much of it occurs on computer screens. As Louise, Whittaker plays her perfectly and uses her face to ultimate effect—from frightened to bothered to sad to angry. And whose side is she really on? While I never really understood who the people were, what was going on or why they wanted to recruit Louise, WIRED is an enjoyable and exceptional miniseries.

Starring: Jodie Whitaker, Toby Stephens, Charlie Brooks, Riz Ahmed
Studio: Acorn Media
Running time: 134 minutes
Release Date: June, 2011


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