Spectacle: Elvis Costello with . . . S2: review

The Emmy-nominated Spectacle: Elvis Costello with . . . finds talented singer/songwriter Elvis Costello querying various musicians about the craft. He then performs with them or collaborates on various songs of his own as well as their songs or a mish-mash of both. S2 includes guests The Edge, Bono, Neko Case, Ron Sexsmith, Sheryl Crow, Lyle Lovett and Bruce Springsteen. As an interviewer, Costello is affable, comfortable and an astute listener. Most talk is of production and admiration between Costello and whomever his guest happens to be. In Episode 4, Mary-Louise Parker interviews Costello. Apparently she’s a music writer according to Costello’s intro of the Emmy and Tony-award winner. “You made so many uncool things cool,” gushes Parker. “All my learning was just from listening,” Costello remarks. He also says he doesn’t read much or read much literature (only history) because “there’s too much music to hear.”

The two-disc set includes behind-the-scenes documentary and four bonus songs from Elvis and The Imposters.

Studio: SpyBox Pictures
Running time: 350 minutes
Release Date: June 7, 2011
PR: MVD visual

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