Carrie Rodriguez at Club Passim: review

When you have the training and a pedigree like Carrie Rodriguez, you exude confidence, comfort and extreme enjoyment while performing. Rodriguez began playing classical violin at age five and graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. She plays guitar, fiddle and mandobird [a four string mandolin]. Her father and grandmother both recorded music. Rodriguez turned in a dramatic, emotive and captivating performance Tuesday night for a packed room at Club Passim in Cambridge, Mass. Sometimes she’s twangy, sometimes bluesy and other times quite gentle.

“I Don’t Want to Play House Anymore” is filled with cool arrangements and strong vocals. She turned out the attitude on “Absence.” Rodriguez sings with intensity and passion. The result is mesmerizing. “Water bound” is a haunting and melancholic song that her friend in the Louisiana bayou wrote after Hurricane Katrina. “She Aint Me” is both edgy and sweet and allows Rodriguez to showcase her vocal range. “Never Gonna Be Your Bride” has an eerie, cool tone. Rodriguez said that her favorite songs are sad and lonely yet she’s an upbeat presence on stage. Gray hair, bald heads and glasses filled the tabled at Club Passim and I felt quite young. My friend and I definitely brought down the average age. I’m not sure why Carrie Rodriguez attracts an older crowd, perhaps because she plays country, folk, bluegrass-y songs? They pack a potent punch. Carrie Rodriguez is well worth seeing perform live.

tour dates

June 16– The Iron Horse Music Hall– Northampton, MA

June 17– MaMa/Marbletown Multi Arts– Stone Ridge, NY

June 18– Honesdale Rhythm & Roots Music & Arts Fest– Honesdale, PA

July 09– New York Mills Cultural Center– New York Mills, MN

July 12, 2011– S.P.A.C.E.– Evanston, IL

July 15, 2011– Red Mug Coffeehouse– Superior, WI

July 16, 2011– KAXE Mississippi River Festival– Grand Rapids, MI

July 17, 2011—Dakota– Minneapolis, MN

July 18, 2011–Flying Mango– Des Moines, IA

July 30, 2011– Red Ant Pants Festival– White Sulpher Springs, MT

July 31, 2011–Redfish Lake Lodge– Stanley, ID

Carrie Rodriguez website

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