The Coathangers: music review

Although it’s 2011, an all-female band still stands out. L7 meets Hole meets The Donnas. The Coathangers growl, grind and sneer through its power rock songs. The clear anti-abortion reference in its names indicates pure brilliance for the Atlanta four-piece. There’s a fun, devil-may-care attitude throughout the album. “Go Away” blends sweet vocals with grungy chords. Snarling vocals herald a truly ass-kicking “Hurricane.”Girl power rules on the witty, lighter“Go Away:”“you keep on hoping / you try to be the one/ you try and you just can’t see/ you try and you just can’t see/ that you’re not the one for me.” The Coathangers show their range from darker to lighter tracks– some more rocking, some more poppy. “Sicker” churns out in a heavier mode. Larceny and Old Lace will charge you up and empower you.

Label: Suicide Squeeze
Release date: June 7, 2011
PR: 230 Publicity

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