Yael Naim: music review

Israeli/French singer/songwriter Yael Naim brews pop and jazz together for a comfortable, casual vibe on She Was a Boy. The upbeat, opening track “Come Home” has a sweet Feist-esque sound. “My Dreams” is a gentle melancholic mix. The nuanced, experimental “Go to the River” harkens back to a cabaret performance at the back of a dark, out-of-the-way club. The lovely “I Try Hard” features an enchanted musical arrangement and bold yet soothing vocals. Naim swings easily back and forth between jazz chanteuse and sweet pop singer. Naim’s a remarkable talent and She was a Boy showcases her skills.

my picks:
Go to the River
“I Try Hard”

Label: Tôt ou tard
Release date: May 17, 2011
PR: Sneak Attack media

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